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This page features reports and news from recent student exchange programs.

UPI Sports Day 

Our 10 exchange students have returned to Australia after 6 weeks (December 2015 - January 2016) living with their 'new families' in and around the Bandung area (West Java). The reported having a great time and learned much about Indonesian language and way of life.

The following videos shows some of the exchange students enjoying a sporting and games day during the program which was arranged by Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia (UPI) who manage this program on the ground in Indonesia, in partnership with IndoAustay and AIAV.

Thoughts on the 2015/16 exchange program

Meaghan Ferguson, Northbound Exchange Participant (2015/16)

I participated in the AIAV exchange program of 2015-16 and found the experience to be totally worthwhile. Before I left, my goals were: to improve my Indonesian speaking and listening skills, learn more about the Indonesian lifestyle and culture, make new friends and have a holiday. All of these I felt I was able to fulfill. My host family and sister were super welcoming and open, and I felt like I was taken better care of there than at home! I was also surprised by how eager people (students, teachers, family friends, shop assistants etc.) were to chat and exchange information about Indonesia and Australia, and l also loved Indonesian food.

I felt that the six weeks was the perfect amount of time to spend away from home and make friends with my host sister, family and friends. I found that immersion into the Indonesian way of life was totally less confronting than what I was expecting; this was due to my host family’s kindness and the preparation made by the AIAV and the experience enabled me to rapidly improve my fluency in Bahasa Indonesia. I would definitely recommend the AIAV exchange, my 2015-16 school holidays has enabled me to make strong friendships in Indonesia and motivated me to pursue my Indonesian studies in Australia with renewed enthusiasm and ability. For those contemplating participating in exchange I say JUST DO IT!! You’ll make some awesome new friends, experience interesting new things, and at the same time totally get ahead with your Indonesian skills – I don’t think there is a better way to spend the holidays!

Taylah Darmanin, Northbound Exchange Participant (2015/16)

The student exchange program offered by IndoAustay is one of rich and authentic immersion in the Indonesian culture. With a decade of experience in exchanges to Indonesia, the Australian Indonesian Association of Victoria has for years provided Australian students like myself with the opportunity to deepen their understanding of Indonesian customs, far beyond what can be comprehended by simply reading textbooks. Occurring in the summer holidays of the Australian school year, this program is run at a perfect time for students to attend classes at their delegated host school and discover what drives their passion for the Indonesian culture. From the people that speak Bahasa to the food they eat and the religion they worship, students are sure to find out what they love about Indonesia by participating in the everyday routine of their host family. Not only was the exchange affordable, but it has also provided me with an invaluable network of passionate Indonesians and Australians that I am certain will only serve to benefit me in the future.

Images from Taylah's time in Bandung in 2015-16 as a participant in IndoAustay's eighth northbound exchange.
Thanks, Taylah! Looks like you had a great time!

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