Past Presidents

1956–1959  Prof. A. M. Clark

1959–1960  Mr L. F. C. Garlic

1960–1963  Mr A. E. Lambert

1963–1964  Mr D. Zainu’ddin

1964–1967  Mr J. A. C. Mackie

1967–1969  Mr V. J. White

1969–1972  Mr H. O’Neill

1972–1974  Mr K. Travers

1974–1975  Mr F. Coenders

1975–1977  Mr P. Jones

1977–1979  Mr B. Anderson

1979–1980  Mrs J. Casey

1980–1982  Hidris Kartomi

1983–1985  Joe Coman

1985–1987  Rudi Munir

1987–1989  David Mitchell

1989–1991  Roswita Khaiyath

1991–1994  Hilary Da Costa

1994–1996  Keith Morgan

1996–1998  Elke Dewar

1998–2002  Robert McMullen

2002–2008  Paul Grenda

2009–2012  Helen Anderson

2012–2016  Lester Levinson

2016-2020  Steve Dobney

The following details may be used for written correspondence to the AIAV.  To submit an immediate web inquiry, you can email us on the addresses below or use the Contact Us page to submit a web inquiry:

PO Box 527
Carlton South  VIC 3053
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