Indonesian Language Classes: Hawthorn

AIAV’s language classes are held weekly on Tuesday evenings from 6.30 to 8.30 pm (with a 15-minute break) in Hawthorn.

Depending on enrolments each term, there five or six levels of classes, catering to a wide range of language abilities.

To register and enrol for the upcoming term of Bahasa Indonesia classes, online click here.

Introductory class

This class for beginners is useful for those who want to eventually progress towards fluency but in the meantime would like to acquire some travel basics. This means paying attention to pronunciation of the language and learning greetings, exclamations, terms of address, family relationships, eating, public transport, health, shopping and physical activities. This level has intake once a semester (February and July), to allow students to progress through two terms of content before moving to post-introductory. A textbook is used in term 2.

Post-introductory classes

These classes are for participants who have some familiarity with Indonesian but are not yet ready to proceed to the sub-intermediate or intermediate class. These classes are still conducted in English, however, students are encouraged to write and speak in Indonesian during class. A textbook is used.

Pre-intermediate and intermediate classes

In these classes instruction occurs in both languages, frequently Indonesian followed by an explanation in English. Conversation covers a range of topics, enabling acquisition of vocabulary suited to all sorts of daily activities. Learning is aided by occasional role-playing and the use of a range of materials including media articles, films, poetry and songs. A textbook is used.

Advanced class

The advanced class is particularly useful for teachers of Indonesian in Australian schools seeking reinforcement in an adult conversational context and for others outside the teaching profession who wish to maintain or improve an already good standard of Indonesian. The advanced classes are conducted almost entirely in Indonesian, with resort to English only to aid explanation or understanding of finer points of grammar or vocabulary. Material covered includes print and video current affairs, feature articles dealing with political, social and economic issues, advertising, Indonesian films, poetry and popular music. Cross-cultural discussion in Indonesian is a regular feature. No textbook is used.

Term dates

Classes follow Victorian school term dates. Dates for 2019 are listed below:

 Term Number of sessions Start date  End date 
 Term 1  9 sessions  5 February  2 April
 Term 2  9 sessions  23 April
 18 June
 Term 3  9 sessions  16 July  10 September
 Term 4  9 sessions*  8 October  10 December

*No class Melbourne Cup Day, 5 November


Language class participants must enrol and pay class fees before the start of term.

Class fees are $35.00 per 2-hour session. All participants are required to be members of AIAV. Other attractions of membership include monthly conversation evenings (Malam Ngobrol), talks, dinners, and the bi-monthly AIAV News. If you have not joined yet, you can click here to do so.  

discount of 10% is available to participants who pay in advance for a full term at least 10 days before the commencement of classes.

This discount does not apply if participants are attending and paying for fewer than a full term of classes, due to starting the term late or planned absences. Payment cannot be made in instalments and there is no concessional rate. Full and discount rates for 2019 are shown below.

 Term  Number of sessions  Full rate  Earlybird rate
(after 10% discount)
 Term 1  9 sessions  $315.00 $283.50
 Term 2  9 sessions  $315.00 $283.50
 Term 3  9 sessions  $315.00 $283.50
 Term 4  9 sessions  $315.00  $283.50

Participants who know in advance that they cannot attend classes on specific dates should contact to discuss payment.

Refunds cannot be made for casual absences. Withdrawing from classes qualifies the participant for a credit for one of the following two terms, calculated at 50% of the unused class fees.

The AIAV requires a phone number and email address for each participant in case of class cancellations. Please advise your teacher in advance if you cannot attend a particular class.

Click here to enrol in the upcoming term of language classes at the Hawthorn venue.  


Except for the introductory and advanced classes, all classes use one of two prescribed textbooks:

  • Indonesian Grammar in Context 1
  • Indonesian Grammar in Context 2.

These books and other resources such as dictionaries are available on the second Tuesday evening of each term at Hawthorn, at a book stall in the foyer (enter off Woodburn Rd).


The venue for the classes is:

The University of Melbourne Hawthorn Campus
442 Auburn Road, Hawthorn, Victoria, 3122 (Melway 59 E2)
(Enter from Woodburn Road)

Enter from ramp/walk-over on Woodburn Road. Students generally meet in the foyer/communal area if arriving early, before heading to the second floor at 6:30 pm when classes commence. Classes are held in Rooms 2105, 2108, 2112, 2113, 2115 & 2117.

If travelling to the campus by car, the Toorak Road exit from Citylink is the closest freeway access point.

Immersion Courses

AIAV also runs immersion language courses for adults and secondary school students, based in Indonesia. For more information see the Immersion Courses page.


For inquiries about language classes, please contact

The following details may be used for written correspondence to the AIAV.  To submit an immediate web inquiry, you can email us on the addresses below or use the Contact Us page to submit a web inquiry:

PO Box 527
Carlton South  VIC 3053
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