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Selamat Datang!

Selamat datang (welcome) to Indonesian language classes online via Zoom!  

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Class Information

When: Weekly on Tuesday evenings from 7.00 to 8.30 pm during school terms.

Where:  Via Zoom, with the teacher providing the link.

Levels: Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced classes are available each term.

Content: The Beginners and Intermediate class use the textbook but this is also supplemented with other activities and materials including media articles, films, poetry and songs.  The Advanced classes do not use a textbook as their studies are based more around topics.


What Level?

Take this quick online quiz to get an idea of which level is most appropriate for you.

We will do our best to put you in the most appropriate class, but feel free to speak to your teacher if you think you should move up or down a level.

We offer 3 Classes

Teacher: Pak Edan Runge

If you want to learn some basic Indonesian before going on a trip, want to start learning the language with a view to becoming fluent, or need to brush the rust off the bahasa you learnt back in high school, this level is for you! Instruction is in English.

Textbook: Asyik Berbahasa Indonesia 1 & 2, plus other teaching material.

Some of the topics covered include:

  • The Indonesian alphabet and pronunciation.
  • Common greetings.
  • Introducing yourself (Kenalkan).
  • Terms of address.
  • Pronouns.
  • Numbers.
  • Family.
  • Parts of the body and illnesses.
  • Asking and telling the time (Jam berapa?).
  • Shopping (Di pasar).
  • Lost belongings.

Teacher:  Bu Rebecca Kristanto

This class builds on the Beginners class, so you will add to your growing knowledge of Indonesian words, idioms and constructions. You will be reading, writing and speaking in more complex sentences and learning more about Indonesia along the way. Instruction is generally in Indonesian.

Textbook: Asyik Berbahasa Indonesia 2 & 3, plus other teaching materials.

Some of the topics covered include:

  • The important events of Ramadan and Lebaran
  • Pulang kampung (returning to the hometown)
  • Tana Toraja in Sulawesi
  • Orangutan rehabilitation in Kalimantan
  • Connecting ideas using kalau and sebaiknya

  • Connecting ideas using sesudah, sebelum, tetapi, karena and jadi 

  • Giving advice

  • Qualifying statements using sebenarnya 

  • Expressing a conclusion using kalau begitu

  • Describing the frequency of events using selalu, sering, biasanya and jarang

  • Verbs with the suffix –kan

  • Comparisons using lebih . . . dari(pada), paling, se- and tidak se-

  • Talking about when you were young

  • Using yang lalu, lagi, nanti and yang akan datang to describe sequences of events

  • Using doubled adverbs such as cepat-cepat

  • Forming adverbs formed with dengan + adjective

  • More with –kan verbs!

Teacher:  Bu Bea Awiati

Welcome to the ‘big league’! The Advanced class is for people who already have a good standard of Indonesian and wish to maintain or improve on it. It’s assumed that you already have a broad vocabulary and are familiar with the points of grammar listed above in the Introductory and Intermediate levels. However, more advanced aspects of grammar are included as revision at this level. Instruction is in Indonesian.

No textbook is used in the Advanced class as the materials are developed by the teacher. Each term covers a number of topics, which may include Indonesian current affairs, political, social and economic issues, films, short stories, poetry and popular music, with discussion in Indonesian. Print and video material is provided by the teacher. Teachers may be rotated through the class each term to provide a range of voices and perspectives. 

Class Dates & Fees

Classes follow Victorian school term dates. Dates for 2024 are listed below.

Language class participants must enrol and pay class fees before the start of term. All participants are required to be members of AIAV. Other attractions of membership include monthly conversation evenings (malam ngobrol), talks, dinners, and the bi-monthly AIAV News. If you have not joined yet, you can click here to do so. 

An earlybird discount of 10% is available to participants who pay in advance for a full term at least 14 days before the commencement of class. 

Sorry, but we can’t accept payment in instalments or week-by-week. Rates for the online classes are shown below.

TermNumber of sessionsStart date End date Full RateEarlybird Discount (10% off)
Term 18 sessions6 February26 March$280$252
Term 28 sessions30 April18 June$280$252
Term 38 sessions23 July10 September$280$252
Term 48 sessions8 October3 December$280$252


In order to determine a student’s eligibility for a refund or credit of language class fees, AIAV must first receive written notice of withdrawal and request of refund or credit from the student either by a signed letter or email to

Once AIAV receive your refund request, we will assess it on its merits and notify you of the status of your refund. 

Refund or credit will only be given when the notice is received within 5 days prior to your next scheduled class in that particular term. 

Please note that refunds will only be given for discontinuation of the study for the rest of that particular term.

If your refund request is approved, we will initiate a refund either in the form of credit or fund transfer to your bank account (please provide banking details) within 30 days of the approval date.

AIAV reserves the right to amend its policies and fee structure whenever considered necessary and appropriate to reflect changes in economic conditions. It is the students’ responsibility to ensure that they are informed and aware of this policy.


The Beginners Class will use Asyik Berbahasa Indonesian 1 & 2 and other teaching materials.

The Intermediate Class will use Asyik Berbahasa Indonesia 2 & 3 and other teaching materials.

You may find this textbook available to buy online at:

Immersion Courses

AIAV also runs immersion language courses for adults and secondary school students, based in Indonesia. For more information see the Immersion Courses page.


For inquiries about language classes, please contact

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